Congress members get paid while workers get cut

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) The federal government shutdown has forced hundreds of thousands of workers to go without a paycheck. But, members of Congress, the same lot who caused the shutdown, still continue to receive their pay.

And, it's left a bitter taste in the mouths of voters.

"That's very unfair," said Naresh Jaien as he was shopping at Costco in Bakersfield. "I am frustrated, this is something the common people who work hard are being denied their daily wages. Whereas congressmen, they are enjoying their perks and privileges doing nothing."

"They're acting spoiled," said Michael Jackson of Bakersfield. "They're all too proud, too much pride, a little bit arrogant and that's not what their job is. Their job is to help people."

The front page headline of the New York Daily News had a biting parody of the Netflix hit series, "House of Cards." But, instead of actor Kevin Spacey, it showed Republican House Speaker John Boehner under the headline, "House of Turds."

A poll by Quinnipiac University revealed 72 percent of voters do not approve of Congress shutting down the federal government.

Eyewitness News asked Central Valley congressmen if they will continue to accept pay as long as the shutdown remains. Representatives David Nunes, Kevin McCarthy, Jim Costa and David Valadao all said they would not accept their pay during the shutdown.

As of now, it's anybody's guess how long the shutdown will remain in effect. Valadao said he's willing to work with anyone who wants to get something done.

But, voters are clearly bothered by the stalemate.

"When people don't do the job, what do you do?" asked businessman James Whitton. "I fire 'em."