Dash cam footage shows pursuit, fatal crash with shooting suspect

UNION CITY, Okla. (KOKH) - Dash camera footage shows a police pursuit and fatal crash with a suspect in Canadian County.

The Feb. 17 footage, released by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, shows an agent sitting along Interstate 40 near the Geary exit. While sitting in the median, a vehicle approaches the agent and states that a driver in a white vehicle had just shot out their window. OBN spokesperson, Mark Woodward, told Fox 25 they're talking to possibly another victim.

"Possibly as many as three motorist, innocent motorist traveling on I-40 eastbound around 8:30, eight o'clock Friday morning," Woodward said.

The suspect then led the OBN agents and other authorities on a nearly 10 minute chase eastbound on I-40. The vehicle then turns south on US 81. Just north of Union City, the vehicle swerves into traffic and hits a semi head-on.

"For reason's, we still don't know about and have not discovered is this driver then intentionally started to accelerate about 90 miles an hour," said Woodward.

The driver of the vehicle, 40-year-old John Douglas Hayes, died at the scene. Inside the vehicle, authorities found a shotgun and shell casings.

OBN officials said if you're caught in a situation like this, pull over, notify police and don't chase after the suspect.

"We certainly don't want anybody to go after these individuals because you don't know what their state of mind is," said Woodward. "This individual could have easily just turned around used that shot gun on law enforcement."

Hayes is believed to be responsible for at least two shootings along I-40 early Feb. 17.

The driver of the semi was treated and released at a local hospital.

OBN officials said Bureau of Indian Affairs is investigating why the suspect burnt down his grandmother's home, which is where he lived, and then went on a shooting spree.

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