'It's always awesome waking up to a shirtless crackhead with a knife'

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- A Vancouver woman had a rude awakening on Wednesday night when she said a drug addict broke into her house and woke her up.

Police eventually arrested 33-year-old Shaun Turner on burglary and resisting arrest charges, but not until after a wild story unfolded.

Vancouver police said Wednesday night an alert neighbor called police to say he saw someone he didn't know who appeared to be under the influence of drugs -- later identified as Turner -- enter his neighbor's house through a back door.

When officers arrived, the residents were still inside the home, completely unaware an intruder was also inside, police said.

The father of the house and two young children who were upstairs were ushered out of the home by police. A woman who was downstairs in the same part of the house as the intruder was also unaware anything was happening around her.

The husband called the woman on her cell phone and told her what was happening to stay inside the bedroom she was in.

"I woke up 'cause my phone was ringing," said the woman, who did not want her name published. "When I sat up there was a shirtless person on drugs standing at the foot of my bed and my husband was yelling at me through the window."

Police later moved in and arrested Turner, but only after they fired a Taser at him. They discovered he had used the downstairs bathroom, which was the next room over from the bedroom where the woman had been napping.

Officers arrested Turner in the hallway, just outside the bedroom.

"It's always awesome waking up to a shirtless crackhead with a knife," the woman sarcastically said.

Officers said they found a knife on Turner when he was taken into custody.

None of the residents of the home was injured.

"Once that happens in your home you feel a certain violation and I'm eternally grateful to our neighbors. It's amazing," the victim said. "If our neighbor hadn't called police I don't know what would have happened. The guy was out of his mind. He clearly was on I'm sure meth."

Police said the incident is a prime example of an alert neighbor calling police immediately when he witnessed a crime taking place.