Police: Son buried dad under house, cashed his Social Security

PORT ORFORD, Ore. -- Police say the bones found underneath a manufactured home in Port Orford have been identified, and the man's son is in custody after an investigation.

Authorities say the remains that were found were identified as Charles Owen Starks, 74.

Police say Starks lived in the Anchor INN RV Park at some point.

Authorities say Starks' son, Corey Theodore Starks, 38, confessed to burying his father under the trailer after he died of natural causes.

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Despite his father being dead, the younger Starks kept receiving his father's social security checks, according to police.

Starks is currently being investigated by the Social Security Administration and the Curry County District Attorney's Office.

Right now, Starks is facing charges of second degree abuse of a corpse.

Charles Starks' bones were found buried in a shallow grave under a single-wide trailer on March 11.

The bones were taken by the OSP Crime Team to Eugene for reconstruction and an autopsy.

Starks is currently being held in Cass County, Minnesota, but no word yet on when or if Starks could be extradited back to Curry County.