Video: LDS missionary delivers beating to man who appears to try to rob duo

Beating missionary video 031417.JPG

(KUTV) The LDS church confirmed through a spokesman that two men who responded to what appeared to be an attempted robbery by beating the would-be thief, were in fact Mormon missionaries.

The encounter was captured on what appears to be surveillance video that has a date of "2017-03-11," a time stamp, placing the actions just before noon, and "camera 2" visible in the lower left corner of the frame. The entire scene plays out in the frame of the video.

If the date is correct, it happened on Saturday. Hawkins said he believed it happened over the weekend in the Manaus, Brazil Mission, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The church has a temple in the city of Manaus. The city is located on the Amazon River, inland in the north of Brazil.

Hawkins, said there were not further specifics about what is seen in the video but he said the missionary wasn't hurt seriously if at all. Church policy is not to comment on missionary injuries unless they are life threatening.

He also said he doesn't believe the missionary is in trouble for his actions.

In the video a man gets off a motorcycle and appears to be talking to the two missionaries, visible in their white shirts with black name tags. He moves around the pair, and behind one of them, and suddenly the missionary nearest the man reacts quickly and appears to take a gun from the man after a brief confrontation. He points it at the man momentarily and then raises it with one hand while fending the man off with the other. It then looks like he throws it over a fence and then starts to throw punches with he right arm, that was holding the gun.

The other missionary seems to stand and watch as the active missionary hits and kicks the man around the street. A motorcyclist stops and watches for a moment and then separates the two. The man who seems to have instigated the action with the missionary runs off screen when a few witnesses seem to walk in his direction. The entire video is just over one minute long.

The identity of the missionaries is not known.

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