For sale sign that turned heads lands scorned woman a book deal

BEAVERTON, Ore. - When a Beaverton couple decided to split, they aired some of their business on a for sale sign to sell their home and now a mother turned author has turned her story of scorn into a book that's getting rave reviews.

Elle Zober's honesty was clear from the start. With her then-husband agreeing to it, they posted a sign saying 'husband left us for a 22-year-old - house for sale by scorned, slightly bitter, newly single owner.'

"The house sold in 23 days for over asking, which is really big in Beaverton," Zober said.

She also started a blog where she was honest with her readers about her story.

"As soon as I wrote the first blog, that's all I thought it would be," she said. "But there was 800 comments and I was like 'oh.' Then people told me their horror stories of when this happened to them - men and women."

That need for social sharing grew to thousands of online readers.

"I think there are too many people in our country who have been in my shoes or grown up in my children's shoes and there's nothing out there," Zober said.

Now they'll have one more resource - a book called The Scorned Wife: Slightly Bitter, Never Broken.

"I was contacted by a publisher out of Britain," said Zober. "He said 'I really like your style - people are connecting with you and that's what you need to be a writer.' "

So she wrote about her history with her ex and the book is getting five-star reviews on Amazon and

"My grandma always said life is for living - get up and live," Zober said.

Writing the book was also healing - Zober calls herself a work in progress and said she never imagined a sign would lead her to where she is now.

"I never thought I would write a book," she said. "I don't know that I'm an author, but I'm still really proud of what I did."

Zober has a book signing coming up on Friday, Jan. 25 at the Barnes and Noble at 18300 N.W. Evergreen Parkway in Beaverton. It starts at 7 p.m.