Watch: Landslide overcomes Highway 95 in northern Idaho: 'That was insane'

ITD crews captured this stunning video of a landslide in northern Idaho.

Three minutes after road crews in northern Idaho closed down Highway 95, a massive landslide took over the road.

"It was crazy close timing," said Jake Melder, Idaho Transportation Department spokesman.

Melder says a crew was surveying the highway last Friday near Bonners Ferry for possible slide activity when they heard popping sounds. They immediately shut down the road.

Soon after, a mudslide that ended up being 10 feet deep spewed over the highway.

"That was insane," one of the crew members can be heard saying on the video.

But the danger has not subsided, Melder says.

"What we're worried about is continued activity," he says. "The ground is unstable."

Rain is expected to hit the region for the next three days. And above the slide area is 18 inches of snow.

"The ground is very wet," he said.

As of Wednesday, the highway is reduced to one lane of travel, according to 551.Idaho.Gov.

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