Meet the 96-year-old computer geek

MILL CREEK, Wash. -- In our increasingly high-tech culture, it's become a badge of honor to be labeled a computer geek.

And for a tech-savvy Mill Creek man, he's out to prove there's no age limit to this title.

Bill Sleeper, 96 years young, still has a thing or two to teach. He's got a young, sharp brain, trapped in an old body.

"Being an old, old person, I look outside and ignore the wrinkles," Sleeper said. "I still feel like a kid."

Just about a year ago, Sleeper discovered a new passion -- his iPhone.

His story is born decades ago, during a country at war. At MIT working on air-to-air missiles, he helped launch our country's earliest missile defense programs as a project engineer on the Pulse Atlas System. He also worked on the Patriot Missile System.

He retired at age 75, only to watch his wife fade away.

"We were married 66 years," he said.

But while he sat nearly immobile by her bedside, he spent much of that time on his iPhone.

He taught himself the newest technology, and his mind traveled the world. Now this retired engineering guru has a new title: "Geek of the Week."

Sleeper is waking up his Mill Creek retirement center. He tutors other retirees, eager to share his fountain of youth.

"Being born in 1915, I consider this absolutely unbelievable," said one of his fellow retirees.

Sleeper knows an active mind is the key to staying young at heart.

"You can't shutdown when you're in touch with everything," he said.

Sleeper also just won the Inspire Positive Aging award from Senior Services of Seattle and King County.

His prize was a free trip to Hawaii.