Nebraska dog dials 911 on owner's smartphone

      BELLEVUE, Neb. (AP) When emergency dispatchers in Nebraska's Sarpy County picked up a recent call, all they heard were the sounds of breathing and scratching.

      Dispatchers were worried until they learned the noises were coming from a dog who dialed 911.

      Sarpy County 911 Assistant Director Marilyn Gable tells Omaha television station KETV ( that it's the first time a dog has called the emergency center.

      The dog's owner, Melissa Acosta, says she thought her 2-pound Japanese Chin, Sophie, was trying to curl up next to her on the couch, when she realized Sophie was scratching at Acosta's smartphone with her paw.

      Then Acosta heard a voice from the phone asking for an "address of the emergency."

      Acosta says the whole thing is "a little embarrassing." Sophie, of course, had no comment.