Police officer becomes internet sensation

BALTIMORE, Md. (WBFF) - Baltimore City police officer Jon Boyer has become an internet sensation for his role as an active rescuer of abandoned animals - or, as Huffington Post puts it, a "sex symbol cat savior."

Boyer, 26, has been a cop for around three and a half years and despite his frequent participation in rescue activities Huffington Post reports that he does it on his own time - it's not in his job description to bring abandoned, neglected, hurt and abused animals to the shelter.

"But most of my squad does," he told the Huffington Post. "I work in a rough neighborhood where they have no problem killing a human. Why would they have [a] problem killing an animal?"

A fan page on Facebook called "I love Jon Boyer" with nearly 2,000 followers, as well as an article on Buzzfeed entitled "This Cat-Rescuing Cop Has Become An Internet Heartthrob" have cropped up, lauding the officer for his animal rescue efforts.

"Seems he's constantly coming in with animals he's rescued from abandoned buildings or the streets," Sande Riesett, who created Baltimore anti-animal abuse campaign called "Show Your Soft Side," told Huffington Post. "All the ladies there go gaga."

Show Your Soft Side was launched in 2011 to combat animal abuse in Baltimore. The official Facebook page states that its "goal was to change the mindset of young people who often view the maiming and torturing of defenseless animals as a sign of 'toughness' or 'manhood.'"