Police: Thief snares unsuspecting woman's purse - with a cane

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Nancy Thompson thought she must have just misplaced her credit cards when she opened her purse on March 30 at a Portland restaurant to pay for her adult daughters' meals and found the cards were gone.

A half hour later, a Bank of America employee called her at home to question a quick series of purchases being made on her stolen credit and debit cards.

The Oregonian reports that Thompson called police and was soon going over all the places she had been that day.

The officer soon called back from the restaurant, Casa del Matador, where surveillance video showed a woman with a cane sitting near Thompson and her daughters. The video showed the woman hooking her cane on Thompson's purse, sliding it across the floor, extracting the credit cards and pushing the purse back.

Police are looking for the woman.

Thompson says the bank has waived the fraudulent purchases.