Website: Growing number of UO students seek 'Sugar Daddies'

EUGENE, Ore. - Students are turning to their elders for help coping with the cost of higher education - and they aren't stopping with mom and dad.

They are looking for a little sugar.

The website said the University of Oregon is one of the fastest growing "Sugar Baby Schools" - institutions with students who trade companionship for help with the cost of paying for school.

"A sugar baby is an attractive, ambitious and goal-oriented individual who has a lot to offer," the web company, which claims 2 million members, said. "He or she is generally younger and is looking to meet wealthy, successful and generous people or benefactors who are willing to pamper and offer financial assistance or gifts in return for their friendship or companionship. 44 percent of our overall membership are female college students."

Oregon ranked 75th on a list of "fastest growing" sugar baby schools in the website's network.

Some of Oregon's Pac-12 rivals scored even sweeter spots on the sugar baby list: Arizona State University (No. 6), UCLA (No. 20), Cal (No. 38) and USC (No. 56).

The website started in 2006.

"Both parties browse the website, just like a regular dating website, to find someone who matches their needs," teh company explained. "Usually during the first meeting both the Sugar Baby and Daddy negotiate the terms of their mutually beneficial relationship, which includes schedules, expectations, and background. In exchange, Sugar Babies provide companionship or friendship."

Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools
1. Georgia State University
2. New York University
3. Temple University
4. University of Central Florida
5. University of South Florida
6. Arizona State University (Tempe)
7. Florida International University (Miami)
8. University of Georgia (Atlanta)
9. Indiana University
10. Texas State (San Antonio)
11. Kent State University (Ohio)
12. Penn State
13. University of North Texas
14. Florida State University (Tallahassee)
15. Tulane University (New Orleans)
16. Michigan State University (Lansing)
17. Ohio University
18. Columbia University (New York)
19. University of Alabama
20. University of California LA
21. University of Nevada LV
22. University of Arizona
23. University of Houston
24. Eastern Michigan University
25. University of Michigan
26. University of Texas Arlington
27. University of Memphis
28. University of North Carolina Greensboro
29. Wayne University (Detroit)
30. Georgia Southern University
31. University of Hawaii
32. University of Tennessee
33. University of Missouri (St. Louis)
34. Maryland
35. University of Minnesota
36. University of Cincinnati
37. University of California SB
38. University of California Berkley
39. University of Northern Texas (Dallas)
40. Ohio State University (Columbus)
41. University of Florida (Gainesville)
42. University of New Mexico
43. University of California Davis
44. University of Virginia
45. Boston University
46. University of Kentucky
47. Colorado State University
48. University of Connecticut
49. University of Tennessee Knoxville
50. Montgomery College (AL)
51. California State University Fullerton
52. University of South Carolina
53. University of Illinois Chicago
54. University of Texas
55. Miami University
56. University of Southern California
57. University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
58. U PENN
59. George Mason University (DC)
60. Syracuse (New York)
61. University of Massachusetts
62. Mississippi State
63. Oklahoma University
64. University of Wisconsin
65. Miami University Ohio
66. University California Riverside
67. Ball State University
68. Rutgers (NJ)
69. University of California San Diego
70. Loyola (New Orleans)
71. Auburn University (AL)
72. University of North Carolina
73. Cornell University
74. Purdue University
75. University of Oregon