School bus driver placed on leave after video shows him calling kid a 'fat cry baby'

Video: DPS releases video of bus driver calling child "fat cry baby" (Video: Dayton Public Schools)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Video just released by Dayton Public Schools shows a bus driver getting in a child's face and later calling him a "fat cry baby."

The incident happened on May 1, 2017 while Demetrius Williams was driving bus number 50. The video shows Williams slam on the brakes, for no apparent reason according to the district, making students scream and that's when he and a student begin arguing. "Drive the bus, just drive the bus," a student yells at Williams, to which he replies, "You talking to me?"

Over the course of an hour, the argument continued between Williams and the child. At one point the child called Williams a "punk" and Williams replies, "I'll show you what punk is," he then yelled at the child several times to sit down. In the video you can see the boy wiping his face, other students on the bus tell Williams he's making another child on the bus cry. Williams blamed the situation on the boy he'd been arguing with, then told the boy "shut up and be quiet you little crybaby."

At one point, the boy called his father to tell him what was going on inside the bus and told Williams, "he ain't going to do nothing," Williams told the boy. The argument continued and the boy can be heard calling Williams a racial slur. Eventually the bus stops, and the boy's father can be heard outside the bus door. The boy's father broke the glass on the bus door to try and get in and eventually went to the back door of the bus to open the emergency door to let the kids off the bus.

In a statement from Dayton Public School Superintendent Rhonda Coor, she said Williams was immediately put on leave after the incident. Williams later resigned on May 22 during the investigation that Coor says would have ended in him being fired. "Dayton Public Schools does not tolerate any inappropriate actions by our employees toward our children. We work diligently every day to provide the best service for our students and provide a quality education," Coor said.

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