What happens when a bear literally walks into a bar?

Customers at Lonigan's Pub didn't seem to notice when an unusually burly visitor walked into the Estes Park bar last week.

A security camera was rolling when a black bear briefly wandered into the bar around 9:30 p.m. Thursday.

Dave Callahan, the bar's owner, told 9NEWS that a hotel employee heading to work in his car saw the bear enter his establishment. The man stopped, got out of his car and followed the bear in with a camera.

Security footage shows the bear ambling past empty tables and chairs. It then turned around and left.

Callahan said patrons at the front of the bar didn't even notice the animal over the music. Callahan said he didn't even know about the bear's visit until the next morning, when he reviewed the security footage.

This was not the first time a bear visited Callahan's bar. He said a bear walked into his saloon around 12 years ago. He said it was the same scenario: the bear walked in and then left without incident.