BC denied in 2nd appeal of football sanctions, plans 3rd appeal

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Bakersfield College's appeal to football program sanctions has been denied a second time, but the school is readying a third appeal, it said Tuesday.

BC was ordered in May to vacate its 2012 California Community College Athletics Association football championship and all wins from the last two seasons after it was found in violation of multiple CCCAA regulations.

The Southern California Football Association found the violations applied to the football program and involved an unofficial booster organization, The Helmet Club.

Specific violations, involving player benefits, were:

-- Paying students for work with funds raised by a nonaffiliated booster club. The work was arranged without the oversight of BC and was given to only football players.

-- Housing BC football players from outside the permissible recruiting area in lodging facilitated by staff.

-- Facilitating the payment of rent to the owner of the housing.

-- Implying the availability of housing and student work to gain interest from players.

-- Providing a weekly meal to football players, subsidized by boosters.

-- Providing a dinner to football players before home games.

The first appeal was made June 12 to the SCFA. That was denied June 24.

The second appeal was made July 9 to the CCCAA Appeals Board. That was denied July 19, but the college didn't announce the denial until Tuesday.

"Unfortunately, the eight-page response glosses over the good faith considerations raised by the college, and the tone of punitive authority and thinly veiled disdain is disconcerting," BC president Dr. Sonya Christian said in a news release Tuesday, referring to a memo from CCCAA CEO and President Carlyle Carter that came with the July 19 denial.

"While we are disappointed in both the conclusion and tone of the decision, we continue to believe in our student athletes," Christian continued. "We will defend what is rightfully theirs, and we believe that these specific sanctions and the sanction process deserve better and more respectful deliberation."

The college is preparing an appeal to the CCCAA Board of Directors.