Boxing teen girl going for golden prize

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) An unlikely boxer is taking a new passion into the ring and turning heads.

Anyone who is a fan of boxing has heard the words "Golden Gloves." With past winners such as Cassius Clay, Sugar Ray Leonard and Floyd Mayweather, any boxer would love the chance to compete in the prestigious tournament.

One local boxer is getting that chance.

It's no secret that boxing is a difficult sport. Professional boxers train year-round for one, sometimes two fights. All boxers need strength, endurance, speed, power - but in one boxer's case, she also has beauty.

Originally taking up the sport as a self-defense class, 16-year-old Odyllas Camacho fell in love with the sport.

"I love being hit, and being in the ring," claims Camacho.

Her friends know she's a boxing fan but are surprised to learn she's a boxer herself.

"I tell them I'm a boxer, and it really catches them off guard," explains Camacho.

Having been a boxer for less that two years, Camacho feels she's found her dream career.

"It ended up being more than just boxing. I really like boxing a lot. It's what I want to do when I'm older," says Camacho.

After a rough start, her trainer David Granados set up a sparring session with flyweight professional Becky Garcia.

Granados says he has never worked with someone so determined with getting things right.

Camacho's mom often has to remind the talented fighter that she is still just a kid.

"First thing first is her homework and her grades. That's the most important for us. As soon as that's done, then boxing comes," says Elizabeth Camacho.

Odyllas Camacho is the oldest of four and is dad's boxing queen.

"I'm proud and excited but still get nervous when I see her fight," says her father with pride.

Camacho is currently in Fort Lauderdale as she gears up for a golden opportunity to be champion. Recently, she decided to bypass her current weight class and move up to the next-highest division.

"I don't want to walk up and get a belt, I want to fight and win it. I want to win with no doubt in the judge's mind, no doubt in my opponent's mind, and no hope," says Camacho.

The final round of her competition happens this weekend.