Jose Canseco make stop in Bakersfield for home run tour

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - Marred by a career of controversy, one of baseball's all-time greatest home run hitters, Jose Canseco, was in Bakersfield on Tuesday night.

Hundreds of local baseball fans came to Sam Lynn Ballpark to get a glimpse at the man they say not only hit over 400 monster home runs, but possibly changed the game by writing a tell-all book about steroids.

The former big league slugger was in town as part of his 17-city home run tour across the United States and Canada.

Canseco said he's had a lot of the great memories coming back to the towns he used to play in, and the reception has been great.

"At 50 years old, I'm just lucky enough to hit some baseballs and softballs and put on a show," Canseco said.

Kern County baseball fans were eagerly awaiting Canseco's arrival so he could sign their memorabilia. Ron Pomeroy from Bakersfield had Canseco's book and "The 89 Hottest Players" with Jose on it ready for him to sign.

Bakersfield's Joe and son Justin Sasia put Tuesday night on their calender as soon as the heard Canseco was coming.

"I think it's pretty cool he came to Bakersfield, especially with this small field and how he's going to hit a lot of homers," Justin Sasia, 16, said.

Canseco said he loved coming to Bakersfield, because it's all for a great cause. The home run tour benefits a variety of charities that are close to his heart.

Canseco's Homerun Tour comes approximately 10 years after he admitting using steroids and then named numerous big leaguers in a tell-all book.

"I think it was a game-changer, honestly, and I think Canseco changed the league around with everyone now taking a much closer watch on steroid use," Bakersfield's Joe Sasia said,

Canseco is traveling from city to city in an RV for the homer tour.

Tuesday night's home run competition at Sam Lynn Ballpark was won, as expected, by Canseco.