Ring of Honor wrestler and commentator talk Black History Month

Caprice Coleman, the current commentator and former wrestler for Ring of Honor, joined Eyewitness News Mornings to put a focus on Black History Month.

Ring of Honor has become more diverse as a whole, but Caprice says that wrestling did not start out that way. 

Morning anchor Aaron Perlman and the Ring of Honor stars discussed how professional wresting has worked on its diversity over the years, especially of late. 

In an Eyewitness Morning exclusive, Caprice commentated on a live "thumb war" with Aaron Perlman facing the news director.  


Eyewitness Mornings was also joined by Ring of Honor’s Shane Taylor. He and his teammates are the first all African American team to win the six-man tag team title. This Saturday he could become the second African American to capture the ROH World Championship.

You can watch Ring Of Honor Saturdays on FOX 58 at midnight and a re-airing Sundays at 11:30 PM.  

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