Opinion: Our current immigration system has too many loopholes

    (MGN Online)

    WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - The terrorist attack in New York on Monday, Dec. 11 got coverage for a day and then the news simply moved on. The scary thing is how close Akayed Ullah was to murdering tens or even hundreds of people.

    Ullah is a Bangladeshi immigrant who came to the United States in 2011 under the United States policy of extended family chain migration. This man became radicalized online after looking at Islamic State propaganda.

    It is common sense to say that we would be better off if Akayed Ullah had stayed away from the country he grew to hate so much - the United States of America.

    To that end, the family chain migration policy has to be reassessed. Just because someone has extended family in America does not mean that they should automatically be able to join their relatives here. Of course, we want to allow for immediate family together, as long those crossing our borders are fully vetted and do not present a security risk.

    I have spoken to you about this Administration’s efforts, together with certain members of Congress, to implement merit based immigration through the RAISE act. That effort should not be put on the back burner. Turning toward merit based immigration policy would both enrich and protect America.

    Here is the bottom line, our current immigration system has way too many loopholes. We should welcome in immigrants who want to better our economy, education, arts and not those who wish to cause harm and devastation to the United States.

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