Eyewitness News Mornings team takes on Talladega Frights

From left, Claudette Stefanian, Ally Triolo and Erin Briscoe brave the Talladega Frights Halloween attraction in Bakersfield, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX photo) 

Halloween is the time when the ghouls and goblins come out at night. The abandoned Beacon Point State Hospital is rumored to be haunted.

The Eyewitness News Mornings team wanted to see if the rumors were true. Aaron Perlman, Erin Briscoe, Ally Triolo and Claudette Stefanian headed to Talladega Frights to do some exploring of their own.

See if they were able to make it out alive! Part I of their spooky adventure is above. Part II is below.

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