Less wind for Tuesday, but fire danger remains

Eyewitness News’ Aaron Perlman delivers his weather forecast. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

Kern County will have less wind Tuesday. Expect morning gusts up to 30 mph for most mountain locations until 10 a.m.

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Bakersfield will have a light breeze for the morning hours but nothing extreme. This means air quality will improve, and the threat for fire danger will subside.

However the dry air sticks around for at least one more day, which will keep the threat for fires to remain high, especially in Southern California.

The ridge of high pressure that has dominated the western half of the U.S. the last two days will start to exit eastward this evening. That means the strong Santa Ana winds coming in out of the northeast caused by the ridge of high pressure will weaken.

Skies will remain clear, but a cooler northwesterly wind will start to develop beginning Wednesday. This is due in part from a northwesterly cold front dropping in out of the Gulf of Alaska. It will make its presence known this Thursday through the weekend.

Temperatures will be a good 10 degrees below normal, and breezy conditions are expected, but this time out of the northwest. Temperatures from that system will push us in the low 70s for the valley. Mountain areas will likely see the mid 60s.

Air quality will be in the good range for the weekend.

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