Marley's Mutts helping dog beat valley fever and find a home


Wade Wilson is the true identity of the colorful and raunchy superhero Deadpool, but the alliterative name is also the identity of a stray dog battling valley fever in Bakersfield.

Wade is a 2-year-old French bulldog that Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue took into its care after he was found at a shelter in Shafter.

According to veterinarian Kimberley Wilson, the dog is suffering from a rare form of valley fever, called disseminated valley fever.

Normally thought of as a breathing illness, valley fever is actually a fungal infection that happens when particular spores embed themselves into the lungs of a person or animal.

Disseminated valley fever is also a fungal infection -- same spores -- but they embed themselves all over the body of their host. In Wade's case, the illness has concentrated around his right eye and right leg.

Marley's Mutts, a nonprofit organization, is raising money for Wade's medical expenses in hopes of finding him a forever home without the worry of paying for medicine.

The antifungal medication for valley fever for canines can cost thousands of dollars.

Wilson's prognosis is good at this point, and the vet said he can still live a long and happy life.

This is a reminder to local pet owners that animals can get valley fever, too, and the early warning signs are a lack of energy and lack of hunger.

If you have any interest in donating towards Wade's medicine or adopting him, you can contact Marley's Mutt's at (661) 556-7178.

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