McFarland man awaits trial for allegedly sexually abusing children at day care

Armando Villanueva is seen in a 2016 booking photo provided by the McFarland Police Department. Villanueva faces several felony charges for allegedly sexually abusing children at a McFarland, Calif., day care.

Police are asking parents to have a very difficult conversation with their children. That's because they arrested a man accused of molesting kids at a local day care.

Armando Villanueva, 55, was arrested in 2016 for allegedly sexually abusing kids staying at the day care his wife ran out of their home. Now, as he awaits trial this summer, police want any other possible victims to come forward.

The day care Villanueva's wife ran was called Great Beginnings Daycare. Nine children claim Villanueva sexually abused them while they were staying there.

Multiple children said the abuse started when they were about 7 years old. One child told police when she was in fourth-grade, Villanueva would lick her privates.

The earliest complaint about Villanueva came in 2011, but arresting him took years because some families didn't want to make a big deal about it, and other alleged victims were afraid to come forward.

Documents show one alleged victim told police she told Villanueva, "Stop, or I'm going to tell." She told police that Villanueva responded, "They're not going to believe you."

Villanueva is being held on a $2 million bail and is scheduled for trial in July.

McFarland police are urging parents who left their children at Great Beginnings, even if just for a day, to have that difficult discussion with their kids and find out if anything inappropriate happened.

Police are also encouraging any family who thinks their child was a victim to come forward and contact the department.

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