Thieves strike again at Taft community garden

The Taft community garden, which has been burglarized more than once recently, is seen July 27, 2017, in Taft, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

Tuesday night, the Taft Community Garden was burglarized.

Someone broke into the shed and stole tools, irrigation timers, fertilization and more.

Members of the garden told Eyewitness News that this is the third burglary in the last six months.

This community garden runs solely on donations.

Board members said most of the people who use the garden are elderly and low income, and a theft like this puts them a few steps back.

"You do something, you build on that, and you continue building," said board member Lucille Holt, "then when you have to continue rebuilding something you already paid for, it's kind of depressing."

The community garden is home to more than 50 garden boxes, where people grow their own vegetation.

Holt said the equipment stolen is not valuable on the streets, so she's afraid that someone in a landscaping company might be stealing from the garden.

"Most people can use a hose. They can't use 10 hoses," she said. "It would benefit someone who was in the business."

Board members said new laws restrict police from trying to find stolen items under $1,500.

"They really don't have the resources to come down and do fingerprints and spend their time on a low-budget item as our theft was," said Holt.

The folks with the community garden are hoping to spread awareness through social media and halt these burglaries.

"We want it to stay safe clean and enjoyable and not have people take our stuff," said Holt.

Although, no police report was filed, you can call the Taft Police Department if you hear or see anything about the stolen equipment.

Board members also ask that if you see anything suspicious or unusual in the garden, call their number at (661) 770-7202, or call the police.

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