When will the burned-out strip mall on Brundage Lane be torn down?

The partially burned down strip mall at the intersection of South H Street and Brundage Lane hasn't be cleaned up in close to a year. (KBAK/KBFX)

It'll be a year this month since the first fire that badly damaged a strip mall at the intersection of South H Street and Brundage Lane.

It'll be a year next month since the second fire that destroyed a lot of what was left after the first.

The charred remains were never cleaned up and the neighborhood is tired of looking at them. When, a caller to our tip line asked, will the city's code enforcement department have this building leveled?

"By the end of the month, according to the contractor, the building should be completely through the demolition process," said Billy Owens, a code enforcement supervisor.

And what took so long?

"Due to the change in the contractors, which the city had no control over - that's between the property owner and the contractor - that's why there's been a delay," he said.

Air pollution officials have recently completed an asbestos survey to make sure that demolition won't spread harmful pollution, so the city is poised to green light the demolition project any day now.

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