24th Street widening project put on pause

This photo shows 24th Street in Bakersfield, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

Demolition on a controversial project has come to a halt for now.

Tuesday, the group called the Citizens Against the 24th Street Widening Project got the judge to hold off on demolishing homes in Westchester.

Twenty-three homes were set to be demolished because they are in the way of the street expansion.

The city attorney's office says the widening project will move forward, but the city will hold off on demolishing any homes. The city will wait until Nov. 29 to take action.

Vanessa Vangel has been an active member of the group against the widening project. Vangel said the group is going to use this extra time to file an appeal on the project.

"Once the homes are demolished, once this neighborhood is split and destroyed you can’t put it back together again," Vangel said. "That’s why we’re fighting so hard and so strong. "

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