A new deck of cards with a Bakersfield twist

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    A new deck of cards in town is showing off a local hand. A local artist made a special deck of playing cards to honor Bakersfield.

    These aren’t your typical playing cards. They're called B-Town Cards. Each card represents a Bakersfield icon.

    "It's very unique – there's literally there's nothing else out there like it," Holly Aleman, owner of B-Town Cards, said.

    She wanted to capture the many places and people that show Bakersfield in a positive light.

    "People will call it the armpit of California and that's not how I see us. I think we have a lot to offer, Yeah, we may not be perfect, but no town is perfect. Nobody is perfect and I think that we should focus on the things that we do have to offer and take a chance to, to just celebrate," Aleman said.

    From former Mayor Harvey Hall and Sheriff Donny Youngblood to the Padre Hotel and Merle Haggard, even Derek Carr – there's a card for everyone.

    "We tried to take a lot of different points of view and just represent some of the diversity and have it be almost a time capsule of what Bakersfield is today," Aleman said.

    For the last six months, Aleman, several artists and local businesses have been working to create this full house. But for Aleman it's not just about the ace, it's about inspiring the community.

    "I hope that it will encourage other people to try something, to be encouraged by some of the people that have succeeded in this, this deck to go for it," Aleman said.

    Cards will be sold at Temblor Brewing Co., 3200 Buck Owens Blvd.; Woolworth's Diner, 1400 19th St.; Relay for Life Holiday Craft Fair at the Kern County Fairgrounds, 1142 S. P St., on Dec. 1; Rig City Roasters, 1820 G St.; Country Club Liquor & Deli, 3737 Columbus St.; Your Wildest Dreams, 716 19th St.; Brimhall Farmers Market,9500 Brimhall Road; and The Open Door Church Craft Fair, 4401 Ride St., Dec. 15. The cards are also sold on the B-Town Cards website and hand delivered until Christmas Eve.

    A signing event will be Dec. 23 at the BLVD and Temblor Brewing from 2-5 2 p.m. All people, services, and businesses in the deck will be invited to sign cards for the public.

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