A Thanksgiving tradition: Bakersfield Fire Department warns of turkey-frying dangers

The Bakersfield Fire Department puts a frozen Thanksgiving turkey into a deep fryer to warn of the dangers, Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

The Bakersfield Fire Department took part in a Thanksgiving tradition on Tuesday: Dropping a turkey in a vat of hot oil to warn people of the dangers from deep-frying their bird.

They used a frozen turkey as an example of what not to do. Battalion Chief John Frando said turkeys should be thawed first and patted dry, as oil and water can have a violent reaction.

The U.S. Fire Administration lists five dangers of deep-frying a turkey:

  • Turkey fryers can easily tip over spilling hot oil across a large area.
  • An overfilled cooking pot will cause oil to spill over when the turkey is placed inside.
  • A partially frozen turkey will cause hot oil to splatter.
  • Turkey fryers can easily overheat and start a fire.
  • The pot, lid and handles of a turkey fryer can get dangerously hot and cause burn injuries.
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