Accused child predator back in jail after trying to leave the country

Judge denies bail for Hugo Rabson

An accused child predator is back in jail after he was stopped in Canada after trying to leave the United States.

According to Lucky Bail Bonds, Hugo Rabson was stopped by Canadian immigration officers on May 14th after an investigation uncovered he was recently arrested for felony arranging a meeting with a minor.

While that was happening, officers contacted the Fresno County Sheriff's Office to ask if Rabson had any warrants or court orders stopping him from international travel and there were none.

However, Lucky Bail bonds was contacted by officers and told them about a pending court case. Rabson came back to Fresno, where Lucky Bail Bonds took his passport so this wouldn't happen again.

Rabson was arrested last month by U.S. Marshals. He's accused of arranging a meeting with a 14 year old girl at a Clovis Park.

Rabson was taken into custody in a Fresno County courtroom Tuesday. He's being held in the Fresno County jail on no bail.

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