Attorney: BC student detained by ICE was not a DACA recipient

This photo of Jose Bello was provided by the Bakersfield College Student Government Association.

Immigration attorney, Win Eaton, has confirmed his office filed to represent Jose Bello.

Bello is a Bakersfield College student who is reported to be an outstanding student.

Friday, Eaton confirmed Bello was not a DACA recipient.

Bello was detained by immigration agents Tuesday. Ice claims he is a gang member with a criminal past.

Eaton said after his initial investigation into the matter he could not find any apparent criminal records for Bello.

He said he has reviewed the charging document, which initiates removal proceedings against illegal immigrants.

Eaton said the document sites that Bello is "removable" because he entered the United States without authorization. He said the document did not site any criminal history.

Eyewitness News requested this document from ICE and have not heard back. When asked for comment on the issue, an ICE spokesperson replied, "We do not have any further information or additional comment to provide at this time."

Bello's brother, Oscar, was also detained and faces deportation. Eaton said he will not be representing him.

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