Author shares story of life with a heroin addict

    "Reckless Beginnings" shares author Tina Hogan Grant's experience living with a heroin addict. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

    Opioid addiction is a national epidemic and not only does it affect those addicted, but also their loved ones.

    Author Tina Hogan Grant shares her story of living with a heroin addict in her book, “Reckless Beginnings."

    Grant moved from England to America 25 years ago and conceived a child with a man she later learned was a heroin addict.

    Grant refers to that man as Steven in her book and talks about finally leaving him after he grew increasingly abusive towards her.

    In 2010, Grant's father passed away and she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    It was after these two events that she decided to write her book.

    Grant lives in Frazier Park with her husband Gordon and encourages others to put themselves first in an abusive relationship.

    For more information on Reckless Beginnings you can visit her website.

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