Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce hosts its annual State of the City luncheon

This picture taken Wednesday July 11, 2018 shows Bakersfield Mayor, Karen Goh, speaking at the annual State of the City luncheon held at the Marriott.

The Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce held its annual State of the City luncheon today at the Bakersfield Marriott.

The event featured speakers such as Mayor Karen Goh and city manager Alan Tandy.

Topics discussed by the mayor and Mr. Tandy included everything from the city’s economic development to its improvements in education and business retention relative to the rest of California.

Additionally, Mayor Goh also spoke about a new branding campaign that is in development to help recreate the image of Bakersfield and paint the city in a more favorable light.

“It's how do we talk about who we are. How do we tell our story, and that's really what's at the heart of it.” Goh said.

One issue addressed that was not as positive, however, was the rising problem of homeless in our community.

Here, the mayor said that the city is working on innovative strategies and that an infusion of money will be used to construct new emergency shelters.

However, Mayor Goh also stressed the need for the community to help their neighbors in need as much as possible.

"All of us, as we try to figure out what to do. It's best to try to connect our homeless persons to services. So those are the strategies that we're using. It's always trying to connect them to services,” she said.

But despite the complex issues at hand, the mayor says that she’s hopeful for the city’s future.

"I am very optimistic about Bakersfield. We are now thinking and we're asking the big questions. We're thinking in big ways."

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