Bakersfield family remains faithful despite losing it all in Cottonwood Fire

The Perez family gathers for a picture Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017, after they spent the morning sifting through their charred belongings from the Cottonwood Fire. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

The dust and ash have settled at the Perez residence, one day after the Cottonwood Fire ripped through their neighborhood.

The Perez family spent Tuesday morning sifting through what used to be their home, trying to salvage whatever they could. Unfortunately, all of their belongings were charred in the blaze.

Samuel Perez, 14, the youngest of eight siblings, held back tears as he held his burnt PlayStation 4.

"I actually feel kind of sad," said Samuel. "I don't know why this had to happen."

The fire burned hundreds of acres, destroyed at least three structures, killing 23 horses and countless other animals.

Javier Perez, the son of the homeowner, was able to rescue his three dogs from the fire, but dozens of chickens and roosters that were caged in their backyard died.

Despite losing it all, the Perez family is trying to move forward and remain positive.

"We cannot let this bring us down," said Javier Perez. "We got to stand up and have faith, and that's what we have in our family is faith."

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