Bakersfield hosts magician convention for first time in 30 years


The annual convention for the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians is being held this weekend in Bakersfield.

This is the first time in 30 years that the convention is making its way back into town.

"It's a group of magicians that are from all around the Pacific Rim,” said Chris Lopez, the group’s president.

The association hosts a convention once a year, and normally chooses cities like Los Angeles, Seattle or San Francisco.

But, this year, they decided to come here to the Central Valley.

"We are very centrally located. So, we can reach out to the magic clubs in L.A., or Las Vegas or on the coast, or in Fresno, and they all could come here,” said Lopez.

The convention is open to magicians of all ages and skill levels, and features lectures, performances and even a few competitions.

But, for Lopez, one of the defining features of this year's convention is being able to host it here.

"Our community here in Bakersfield is exactly like PCAM. It's small. We all get along. It's friendly. It's fun. We're all willing to help each other. And that's what Bakersfield has,” said Lopez.

Because at the end of the day, Lopez said it's just about enjoying the hobby they all love.

To buy tickets for this weekend's event, click here.

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