Bakersfield is booming with millennials

Tarin Meadows and Sarah Kuhlman, owners of Bakersfield, Calif., restaurant Fit Pantry, are two millennials attracted to Kern County for career success and an affordable cost of living. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

The Central Valley has become a hot spot for millennials.

Young people are flocking to Kern County for jobs, growing the economy at a staggering rate.

Two young professionals, Sarah Kuhlman and Tarin Meadows, are just two examples of this success.

Kuhlman moved from San Diego to Bakersfield to partner with Meadows and start Fit Pantry, a restaurant built on healthy eating.

Meadows said Kern County has been a wonderful place to grow her business, and she believes the community is open to new ideas.

Richard Chapman, president and CEO of the Kern Economic Development Corporation, said there are more options downtown because millennials are pushing for its expansion.

Another millennial, Wilfredo Cruz Jr., said he can’t get over the rate at which Kern County is growing. He’s a project manager in the Bakersfield Active 20-30 Club, and he said he can’t wait to see how the community changes throughout the next decade.

By 2022, local job growth is expected to go up nearly 15 percent as young people continue to move to Kern County for career success and an affordable cost of living.

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