Bakersfield locals working to help wildfire victims in Northern California

Emmy Eichner and her family lost everything in the wildfires in Santa Rosa, Calif. Friends in Bakersfield are helping them get back on their feet. (Provided photo)

As wildfires continue to tear through California's wine country, we are seeing an outpouring of support locally for the victims.

Bradley Pinnell said he and his family wanted to help as soon as they heard about the destruction. They then got a message from close friends who lost everything in Santa Rosa and now need to start from scratch.

"This family lost not only their house, but her children's father's house and her sister's house, all within about a half hour of each other," Pinnell said Wednesday.

He collected supplies and drove there on Tuesday.

Thousands of victims need help still, so Pinnell is teaming up with Bridge Bible Church in Bakersfield to collect donations. His plan is to drive back to Bakersfield this week, pick up the donations and head back to the devastation on Sunday.

"It's eerily quiet, and you see streets, but you see nothing else," he said.

Pinnell said the donations will be going to different charities that are actively seeking help for the victims.

He said any donations are appreciated. At this point, victims really need the basic necessities.

Here is a list of needed supplies and organizations he will be working with:

  • Supplies: Gift cards, water, storage bins, garbage bags, large tote bags, shopping bags, masking and duct tape, plastic and latex rubber gloves, sharpies, aluminum foil, toothbrushes and toothpaste, zip lock bags
  • New Life Christian Fellowship: Rubbermaid bins with lids, bleach, brooms, mops
  • Cavanagh Center: Underwear, eye drops
  • Petaluma Animal Shelter: Cat and dog food, dog beds, cat litter

Pinnell said anyone who has further questions can email him at

If you would like to donate, you can drop off supplies at Bridge Bible Church on Stockdale Highway during business hours.

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