Bakersfield officer shoots man, reportedly armed with knife

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - An officer shot a man with a knife Tuesday night at the Hart Hotel on 19th Street in downtown Bakersfield.

Officers were called by the hotel manager around 7 p.m. about a peace disturbance.

They said the 47-year-old man had armed himself with a knife and refused to put it down, prompting an officer to shoot him.

"Somebody yelled out, 'He has a knife! He has a knife!'" described Brandon Emerson, who is staying at the nearby Bakersfield Hotel. "It scares me, because I live right across the street from it."

Brad Burens, a man who used to stay at the Hart Hotel, said that after this he would never stay there again.

"I happen to have a friend that lives up there, and he told me that somebody had died in front of his doorstep," said Burens. "It's a good hotel ... I've lived there several times and have had no problems with it."

He also said that whether the man lunged at the police or not, the suspect should have had more common sense.

"He shouldn't be carrying a sharp object in front of the Bakersfield Police Department," said Burens.

The names of the man with the knife and officer were withheld.

Sgt. Joe Grubbs described the neighborhood as rough, but he didn't recall any previous shootings at the Hart Hotel.

Managers refused to talk to Eyewitness News and then locked the door.

"Not a hotel like you would think of a Holiday Inn or something like that," said Grubbs. "Let's just leave it as a low income, residential type of hotel."

The officer was placed on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.
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