Bakersfield police raid more pot shops

Photo: MGN, file

A crackdown on pot sales is sending a clear message to illegal shops around Bakersfield.

Police served a pair of search warrants Monday at marijuana dispensaries.

The city banned such dispensaries back in October. Since then, officials said they've closed 63 marijuana shops.

The latest two that were searched and closed were the Green Door Cafe on South H Street and Sunny Beach Collective on Brundage Lane. Police said operators at both dispensaries were previously informed of their illegality but decided to stay open.

Officials said their searches led to the seizure of nearly $12,000 and about 85 pounds of pot. Ginny Gennaro, Bakersfield city attorney, said everything seized is now in the hands of police in the property room.

She said the marijuana will be destroyed per the health and safety code.

Gennaro said since October they have collected about $30,000. She said the money is also in the property room, and the plan is for it to go back into a fund that will reimburse the city for its enforcement efforts.

Code Enforcement officers also found structural violations and deemed both shops unsafe for occupancy.

Gennaro said officials will continue to shut the shops down and enforce the law.

"By our count and by our maps, we think we'll be under three (shops) by the end of January," she said. "This is just a continuation of the process that we promised the community quite frankly a long time ago."

The Kern County District Attorney's Office said they are working to prosecute in these cases.

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