Bakersfield woman finds veteran photos, seeks family

A Bakersfield woman found photos that appear to belong to a military family. She is looking to return them. Photo taken Monday, May 14, 2018. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

A Bakersfield woman found six photos that appear to belong to a military family. She is now searching for the owner to return them.

Yesenia Frutos said she found the pictures in the trash outside of a thrift store on 34th Street and Union Avenue.

She said they caught her eye because it appears the man in one of the photographs is a veteran.

Frutos said her uncle was a veteran and she has family and friends currently serving, so she knows just how important these pictures are.

"It's a family history you do not want to throw away," she said.

The Kern County Veterans Service Department took a look at the photos and said they cannot immediately identify the family and they are not sure what branch of military the man was in.

At this point Frutos said she does not know if the photos belong to a local family, but since she found them in Bakersfield she is holding onto hope that someone will come forward.

"Something told me to get them out of the trash can," she said. "It's better to keep a memory because you want to show that to your grand kids."

If you recognize the people in the photos, you can contact the Eyewitness News tip line by sending an email or calling (661) 869-2929.

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