Bakersfield Red Cross volunteer describes horror, hope from Harvey

Provided photo

Last week, a local Red Cross volunteer headed to Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey.

Michele Maki is helping capture photos of relief efforts. She said the aftermath of Harvey is unlike anything she's ever seen.

"This is bigger than Sandy, this is bigger than Katrina," said Maki.

Red Cross is bringing food, clothes, water and anything to help people survive.

"One lady said I knew when I saw your truck, I knew we were going to be OK ... and I almost lost it. I said, 'Of course we're here,'" described Maki.

Red Cross shelter numbers are going down as families go back what once were their homes. As they, return the Red Cross is giving them clean-up kits to remove the debris from the disaster.

Despite the physical and emotional damage, there are people who are counting their blessings.

"She was able to look at me, and she said, 'I'm blessed, because I'm alive,'" said Maki.

Maki will soon be back in Bakersfield, but she'll return to Texas to help with the continued recovery.

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