Barn owls are found all over Kern County and at CALM

Lana Fain, manager of CALM, brought Chinook the barn owl to the Eyewitness News studio for a visit. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

Lana Fain, manager of the California Living Museum, brought Chinook, a barn owl, by for a visit to Eyewitness News Thursday afternoon.

Chinook has served as an ambassador animal for CALM for many years, Fain said, visiting with media, going to schools and more.

Barn owls live throughout Kern County and are nocturnal, but rarely seen because they have silent flight, she said.

The birds are beneficial, especially for farmers and ranchers, because they are amazing hunters, according to Fain. Farmers and ranchers put owl boxes, encouraging the birds to nest on their properties.

Fain warned against trying to approach one of these birds in the wild.

“Not so much that beak, but those talons are meant to grab and hold on,” she said.

She said a docent class is coming up soon, where people can train to be docents at CALM and learn how to handle ambassador animals like Chinook. Visit the CALM website to apply.

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