Books and beers: Reading group gets together at a local pub


A local club is combining the love of literacy with the love of beer.

Book Club at the Pub is trying to get the community together one page, and one sip, at a time.

It takes place the fourth Tuesday of every month at Goose Loonies Tavern & Grill on 18th Street.

"Trying to get people to read books more, and if you read books and enjoy them, to talk about them," said Theresa Becker or Beale Memorial Library .

Each month, the group chooses a book and talks about it at the pub. They encourage those who didn't read the book to still attend.

It's part of the library's effort to get people to open a book during this digital age.

"Activate your brain," said Becker. "You're not just flipping through something quickly. Think about what you're reading, maybe learn something."

It's free to be part of the club, and everyone is welcome.

For the month of April, you can choose from two books: "The Da Vinci Code" or "Ordinary Grace." If you go to Beale Memorial Library and ask for Becker, she can help get you a copy of "The Da Vinci Code."

This is one of many free programs supported by the Kern County Library.

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