Cal City police examine truck possible connected to home-invasion case

A truck that was found abandoned might be connected to a home-invasion case in California City, California, police said. (Photo from California City Police)

California City police said an abandoned truck may have been used in what is being investigated as a home-invasion case.

Police said the resident reported being awoken Dec. 29 when a truck was rammed several times into his home near Hacienda Boulevard.

The resident said he shot at the truck's driver in self-defense. Police followed a blood trail away from the home but were unable to initially locate the driver or truck.

The truck has since been found abandoned near North Edwards. Police said they'll use forensic evidence to try and identify the suspect.

Anyone who can provide information helpful to the investigation is asked to call Officer Hulse or Sgt. Hightower at (760) 373-8606.

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