Locals react to lawmakers approving gas tax bill


This November, California drivers can expect to see an increase at the pump.

A gas tax bill approved by lawmakers will raise the gas tax by 12 cents.

Increased gas and diesel tax will increase the cost to transport foods, meaning you can expect t pay more at the grocery store.

Beatriz Sanders with the Kern County Farm Bureau said the ag industry will feel the hit.

"This tax is a direct target to middle-income earners, low-income earners, because they spend more of their income at the grocery store," said Sanders.

While grocery shoppers will also be paying more for their food, Nick Ortez with the Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce said consumers will also see an increase across several industries.

"For an economy like Kern County that is a resource-based economy, where you have ag, oil, logistics, and call centers, these places are not always next to where people live," said Ortez.

Brent Woods is a full-time student at Bakersfield College who travels daily. He said knowing he will be paying more at the pump is terrifying.

"I do way too much driving, and I am not looking forward to 12 cents a gallon being added on to my gasoline," he said.

The increase will fund road repairs across the state.

Some lawmakers, including state Sen. Jean Fuller, disagreed with the plan.

"Kern is a rural county and driving is an essential part in my county, and it is not a luxury but a necessity," said Fuller.

You can read the bill below.

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