California rolls out digital license plates


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - License plates are going high-tech in California.

It's called the Reviver Plate. The new technology will give drivers the option to display different messages. The tag will show personal messages, let people know your car is stolen, even show Amber Alerts.

Former Bakersfield resident and CEO of Reviver Auto Neville Boston says the digital plate does a lot. Drivers who purchase the plates will be able to register their vehicles electronically.

"Instead of going to the DMV, we have a mobile app," said Boston.

Boston says this advance could save the state money.

"You have to send out stickers whenever you register. You no longer have to do that," said Boston. "Just the cost for sending out mailing is $ 25 million, so it's huge savings."

Boston also expects interest to come from companies with vehicle fleets, displaying a message or logo when the vehicle is stopped.

The plates will cost $699 with a $7/month fee.

The technology conforms to the General Data Protection Regulation standards, and the tracking and display features are controlled by each plate’s owner.

Boston understands fears of hacks and says he's done everything possible to protect driver privacy.

"It's very important we are pro-privacy, so we want to make sure your information is safe," said Boston.

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