Centennial, North high schools to have extra security Friday after spike in fight activity

KBAK/KBFX photo, file

The Kern High School District is investigating multiple fights at Centennial and North high schools.

Eyewitness News has received calls from concerned parents and grandparents about the fights.

KHSD spokeswoman Lisa Krch confirmed Thursday that there were three fights Wednesday and two fights Thursday at Centennial and "a few separate incidents of student fights" both days at North.

While Krch acknowledged it's unusual to have multiple fights on campus, she wouldn't say if there's something particular driving this recent violence. Krch said privacy laws prevent her from discussing such details.

"The KHSD does not condone violence of any kind and appropriate discipline will be applied to students who were involved in fights," she wrote in an email to Eyewitness News.

Both schools will have extra security present Friday. Both schools also have previously scheduled early-outs for Friday.

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