CHP: Officers find child in Kern County after she's abducted in Modesto

A California Highway Patrol officer is seen with 2-year-old Lilyana Rivera, of Modesto, Calif., after the child was found in Kern County early Jan. 12, 2018. Police in Modesto believed the child was abducted by her mother. (Photo from CHP, Bakersfield office)

California Highway Patrol officers in Kern County found a child allegedly abducted by her mother out of Modesto.

Police in Modesto asked for the CHP's help late Thursday night to locate 2-year-old Lilyana Rivera and her mother, Silvia Lechuga. Police believed Lechuga took the girl and was heading to Texas, the CHP said.

Police tracked the suspect's cellphone to Kern County.

Local CHP officers Hector Organista and Danny Ray spotted a vehicle that they thought could be the driven by the suspect, even though it didn't match the vehicle description provided by Modesto police. It turned out their instincts were on target, and they found Lechuga and the child in the car.

The child and her mother were taken to Kingsburg, where they were handed off to Modesto police and the child's legal guardian, her grandmother.

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