CHP writing at least 60 tickets a day along stretch of I-5 in Kern County

    CHP writing at least 60 tickets a day on stretch of I-5 in Kern County (Courtesy: CHP)<p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    A long stretch of Interstate 5 in Kern County that ends at the Grapevine has become a drag strip for drivers.

    California Highway Patrol officers are writing 60-70 tickets a day for excessive speed.

    And some of these cars are really flying, with radar readings hitting 130 mph, 117 mph and 110 mph.

    "Most people don't admit to it, whether they realized it or not," said Officer Alan Taylor, who works out of the CHP office in Buttonwillow.

    Wednesday of this week, CHP officers along this stretch of freeway wrote 67 tickets, and 12 drivers were doing more than 100 mph.

    Taylor said at that speed it takes the length of three football fields to stop your car.

    "Our typical crash out here starts with, with excessive speed and then something goes wrong ... the driver’s not expecting,” the officer said. “Whether it be somebody else's bad driving, a tire failure, a blowout, a coyote crossing the road."

    If you're cited in Kern County for driving over 120 mph, Taylor said the fine starts at $1,500. You also face a license suspension and two points on your driving record.

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