City officials, animal rescuers investigating dozens of dead sheep

Credit: Pet Matchmaker Rescue CA, Facebook

City officials in multiple departments are attempting to unravel a mystery about dozens of dead sheep found Wednesday south of Bakersfield.

A video of the scene, near the intersection of Cottonwood Road and East White Lane, was posted to Facebook by Pet Matchmaker Rescue, a nonprofit animal advocacy group. They were alerted to the situation by Taylor Bartley, a woman who volunteered in the area rescuing and rehabbing horses hurt in the Cottonwood Fire last month.

The video depicts a large herd of sheep surrounded by dead sheep in various stages of decomposition.

Police Sgt. Ryan Kroeker said Wednesday that the working theory is that the sheep died of smoke inhalation during the Cottonwood Fire. Animal control and code enforcement officers are continuing to investigate and coordinate the removal of the carcasses.

It wasn't clear Wednesday who owned the land or the sheep.

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