City road projects well underway

The City of Bakersfield has many roadway projects that are going on around the city. Photo taken Monday Feb. 5, 2018. (KBAK/KBFX)

As you drive through Bakersfield, it's easy to notice many road projects are well underway.

The Centennial Corridor and 24th St. Widening Project, to name a few.

"The two most complex and most difficult are the Centennial Corridor and 24th street, so there the ones that are moving into construction now," said City Manager, Alan Tandy.

It's been months since most of these projects have started and now, people are starting to see and feel the impacts.

The Centennial Corridor Project will connect the Westside Parkway to Highway 58.

Currently, the project has had all structures removed from the right away, with construction in full swing.

Tandy says they are hoping to bid the entirety of the project before the end of 2018.

Commuters in the area are noticing a change in traffic flow.

"The traffic is very frustrating, but it's very necessary, I mean, I know with Bakersfield were trying to improve a lot of our roads and trying to make things a little easier so I can definitely understand why but it doesn't make it any less frustrating for sure," said Bakersfield resident, Marlon January.

Another project well underway, is the 24th Widening Project, which will soon expand into six lanes instead of four.

Right now, construction workers are installing sound walls, to help neighbors with the noise.

Residents in the area are excited for this change.

"There's always some strange noises, from drilling and pounding and cranes and things like that, but it forms a barrier that separates us from the street in a nice way," said Bakersfield resident, Mark Nystrom.

Tandy says this project will be done in mid-summer of this year.

While the daily commute may not be easy right now, the purpose of these projects are to ease the congestion in the future, for an easier drive.

Tandy says plan ahead when driving as there will be expected traffic delays in these areas.

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